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Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive driving courses are a great way of learning to drive and passing your test all in one go and will usually last between 5 and 9 days depending on your driving ability and confidence on the road.

We offer intensive driving courses for all types of vehicles. This is where we offer intensive driving courses with ultimate concentration on passing within a week or two, instead of having hourly lessons each week. When opting for intensive driving courses you will be assigned to one car and one instructor, who over the days of your intensive driving course will spend quality, one to one time instructing you on the best way to pass at the end of the course.

This type of intensive driving courses may also be most relevant to those who have perhaps not passed when taking normal lessons. Intensive driving courses will focus you on the job in hand and the instructor will help to point out and work on any faults which have caused previous fails when taking your test. These type of intensive driving courses can also offer as many practice theory tests as necessary and will focus on weak points to ensure stronger and confident drivers who pass as an end result.

Our aim is to offer high standards of tuition with the lowest of costs, so why not book your intensive driving courses today.